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The Case For Less Government, Lower Taxes

Draconian state and local government budget cuts have been in the news lately. Here’s a thought. We could save a lot of money by conducting public education over the internet. High schools could be shut down completely. As for music and art, kids who want to can learn on their own from programs like Guitar Hero. Why should my tax dollars be spent on wasteful programs like high school, especially high school music programs? Music could be taught by volunteers for those who want it.

If people want to pay for a junior state orchestra, then more power to them. I sure don’t want to pay for that. It doesn’t benefit me, so I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Just like if I get sick and have a chronic illness. That’s my problem. I should have to pay for it, not my fellow Americans. And if I can’t afford it, well then, too bad. I’ll only have to suffer for a while, and then I’ll be dead and it won’t matter. So what if my family misses me a little. They’ll get over it. They’ll be dead soon enough too.

My cousin led a volunteer music program. Started a neighborhood drum and bugle corps in Philadelphia back in the 60s. Unfortunately, he was also a public school art teacher. One of his students shot him in the back of the head. The world would have been a better place had he been able to teach from home over the internet. He could have taught and helped children for another generation. Of course back then, there was no internet. But today, think of it! No expensive school buildings to maintain, no glut of overpaid school teachers and administrators sucking our cash out of our pockets. No bloodshed in these dangerous public schools. Public education is an outrageous abuse of my tax dollars. I object!

No question about it. We should shut down the public schools. If a family can’t afford to send a kid to private school, the kid could still learn on his own. In fact, mothers should stay home and do the teaching. All these women going to work every day is an outrage. They should be at home caring for and educating the kids. Society would be better off if these less well off kids were not in school. Think of the money we could save on our taxes and all the stuff we could have for ourselves! The current system of free public education is an outrage! And if the mothers stayed home where they belong, there would be enough jobs for the men. The problems all started when the women were given the right to vote.

Come to think of it, why should we have to pay for law enforcement and a criminal justice system? Just give everyone a gun and let them shoot if necessary. Sure there are some bad people out there, but it’s about survival of the fittest, and keeping our tax dollars. That’s the American way. Love it or leave it! People who are in favor of public schools, police forces, courts, women in the work force, not to mention universal health care, are un American.


  1. Jill8


    But at some web sites, it will be like that recent David Letterman joke: I go out to dinner at a certain restaurant with this friend of mine often. And he always gives big tips, even though the service is horrible.

    So last night I finally asked him “Why do you do that?”

    He said “Oh, I’m just being sarcastic.”

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