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Stool Pigeons Wire Hacked

The source of the redirect has been found and corrected. All users should now be able to reach

The Stool Pigeons Wire message board has been hacked and may be redirecting here. Some users are also reporting redirects to a third party website. We are aware of this issue and have requested that our webhost assist in finding a solution. I have no estimate yet of when the site will be back up. If you are a member of the Stool Pigeons Wire, or Bears Chat message boards, and can assist us, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Feel free to post comments. Click here to go to the comment page.

Thank you for your patience!


  1. PyurAureo

    I’m crushed … The Capitalstool is the best thing in my Internet Stock Market Life. Hope we can get it back to the usual very soon.

    In the mean time, can an IDS be setup on WSE?

  2. Drano

    Well, now the question is, is this a bounce before the storm, or was that the end and now we get the usual OpEx hijinks? (in other words, bears got encouraged to pile in, bulls ran for cover, so up as much or more tomorrow as we are down today). I think I have Post-Traumatic OpEx Stress Syndrome.

  3. specie


    island reversal

    Very Important ???

    I would say yes because it coincides with many elliot wave forecasters plus the 09-10 advance time exactly matches the 08-09 decline time.

    besides, it’s obvious the PTB hacked the site in order to mitigate the market decline.

    and then there’s TJ….too

  4. Trader Joe

    Gawd damn mutha f**king bullsh*t

    This blows….funny how it happened on the first down day in recent memory….maybe it has something to do at that Trader Joe indicator comment 😎

    Press “REBOOT”

    Or maybe CTRL-ALT-DELETE

  5. Lee Adler

    A thread is available on Bears Chat. Most people not registered there, but you can register and I will look for the registration and approve asap. In the meantime, keep posting here.

    I have some people looking at this.

  6. swordfish

    Hey, this situation have some pluses. For me a big one – Doc dont have to accept my post:) (I m on rehab probably (I guess) for some copyright infringement) So Doc is not moderator this time:)

  7. Trader Joe


    Not sure that 13 cents qualifies as “an opportunity” that can’t be missed. Anything under $5.00 is an OK deal, anything under $3.00 is a gift

  8. K Wave

    Cant post a pic, but we nailed the 5 min 900 on SPX this AM, bully may have one more bounce left in him before she rolls. IF we breakdown later, then looking for around ES 1120ish before bounce.

    As long as IBM holds above 130, giving Bully some respect for a little while longer…MMM pivot at 83.50 now…If both of those break, it should be game on fur bears…

  9. Drano

    Thanks TJ. I guess I’ll wait and see…. in options now but there is enough of a spread that I think I’ll buy the stock itself next time.

  10. Trader Joe

    ALU sucks right now for acquisition via writing puts, which is my preferred acquisition method…being that it is stuck smack in the middle of of the $2.50 and $5.00 strikes. Once it starts running closer to $5.00, say $4.50ish, I’ll start writing some fives / laddering expiration

  11. Trader Joe

    YRCW — of course the rating went up…most of the debt just got sent to money heaven as it was converted to shares. I hold both the shares and the debt, and be a berry happy camper…as long as it keeps movin’ in the right direction

  12. Drano

    Not good for the bearz that they, I mean The Them, are bringing homebuilders and REITS back up. They have been leading the way of late.

  13. Lemur

    Wonder if this is the men in black? PPT and all that?

    Meanwile, long gold here for a scalp bounce off support. Holding all puts & shorts.

  14. bundys_dodge

    This morning there was a post about Baidu’s COO resigning. At least he is still alive, considering what happened to the previous CFO:

    Baidu CFO Shawn Wang dies in accident
    Sun, Dec 30 2007

    BEIJING, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Shawn Wang, chief financial officer of top Chinese Internet search firm Inc , died in an accident on Dec. 27, the company said.

  15. Drano

    I commented of the lately departed IDS page that they said he’s leaving for personal reasons, and that I hoped his family was not going to be getting a bill for the cost of one bullet.

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