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The Pissanti Report

By Ags Nightmare

Oct. 6 (Stool Pigeons Wire) ” Folks…the bulls can do no wrong…Australia cut rates!!! ( yep he said that )….. just look at Mosaic…they missed by a country mile…sales down, revenues putrid, earnings non existent….but they said things will get better and it’s up huge pre market…everyone is celebrating the demise of our currency so what can go wrong ?…..equity traders just “love” having the dollar turn into confetti!”…. now folks…that’s some powerful reasons to say “the bulls win”…this is ” dumber then a bag of rusty nails”…the Pissant….back to you Whiskey !”…..

Now The Balance Begins To Shift

The balance between QE and Treasury supply will begin to shift in July. The underlying bid it has provided for stocks and Treasuries will begin to fade.

This report tells why, and what to look for in the data and the markets.  GO TO THE POST

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