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Precious Metals Update10/1/09 – Professional Edition

Today’s gold stock screens and data, along with cycle conditions and projections for gold and HUI index, and Chart of the Day picks for swing trades. Indispensable daily information for gold and precious metals stocks traders. Click here to download complete report in pdf format (Professional Edition Subscribers).Try the Professional Edition risk free for thirty days. If, within that time you don’t find the information useful, I will give you a full refund. It’s that simple. Click here for more information.

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  1. mthomas

    I personally think that gold will continue to outperform other assets classes because of the strong fundamentals in its favor amid the government’s policies to prevent deflation. It may be due for a short term pullback, but I still like it a lot in the long run. I just saw a really good article at that discussed the problem of the govt continuing to try to cure a patient with the drugs that made him/her sick in the first place. It goes on to discuss the potential investment implications for fiat currencies due to all the money printing by central banks around the world. I personally feel that the power of central bankers to print money has gotten completely out of control, and that we will go back to a gold standard or another form of hard currency once there is enough social unrest to compell our politicians to make the necessary changes.

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