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Another Bubble To End In Tears

By Ags Nightmare

I don’t think anyone knows whats gonna happen here but every tool the media used in the past two bubbles they are using in this rally. Today’s bear market lasted two hours. The other day…an hour if that. Maybe that means we are getting closer to some sort of pullback.

The most noticeable similarity to the past two moral hazard moonshots is the lack of pullbacks which is forcing people earning zero % ( Grennies housing bubble) back into the market at sheet prices. In this yet to be “named bubble” the government is the new “host” like some monster in the movie in Alien and the the new trimmed down Wall Street mafia Families have finally enticed people to come back into the breeding ground for gamblers where no one knows or cares what anything is worth…just that its moving up….or down in very rare cases.

The word ‘investor’ should be stripped from the wall street vocabulary….the Fed and fraudsters have destroyed the markets and the essence of “fair” price discovery…this is the pool we play in knowing it can go far beyond we imagined and get shanked because Art Crashin flicked a booger at Bob Lesko at the most unexpected time wiping out billions of dollars of market cap in six hours.. I have come to a conclusion that we have to have bubbles or we will crash. Mal investment, inefficient use of capital, thuggery, front running, the Du Page county Fair cow auction price target game, any news is good news, “discounting” bullsheet, “you gotta be in”, I pledge allegiance to the Fed Flag Pole patterns, stepping over a lowered bars, ….we should be used to this.

No one’s gonna sit around waiting for a U bottom. We trade in dog years. The trick is to know when to have no fear of buying crap and when it’s ending. As for why I look at the markets as only a collection of numbers…the 4 horsemen that saved today are essentially bankrupt. It is what it is…a busted system making the same mistakes over and over that’s going up without pullbacks….for now. I think this stage of the ramp is late in the game but I’m sure the pig men want to go out with a blaze of high volume glory. Even then, I’m not sure it’s worth shorting for longer then a day given the fact the government is gonna be throwing sheet at the wall and coming up with new gimmicks the rest of the year.

Just keep an open mind. This is gonna end in tears again but remember how long the last two bubbles lasted.

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