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The Unimportant Individual

How true, the words of this wise man originally posted at

It’s amazing to read the press, or the Stool for that matter, and see just how unimportant the individual has become in the movement of all these financial events. Such and such an agency downgrades XXX and so YYY entities and issues take on a negative pale so that such and such is now threatened. A market doesn’t even have to open because the predisposed result has already cast the mold of public reaction.

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It’s apparent that the great unwashed public is nothing more than a commodity out of whose pockets is extracted the digital dollars that are flung about the globe with reckless abandon by the captains of the financial model. The originators of these mountains of digibucks are never allowed to actually own them or manipulate them themselves, they are frightened riders like a 3 year old perched atop the brightly painted carousel horse destined to be thrown off when their 3 bucks worth of ride is over.

I have maybe 250,000 to 300,000 of digibucks out there that I am given to understand that I own although I have never seen them. They were deductions from my check or numbers in an account, but they have no substance that I have been able to touch. Some day I’d love to build a money vault like Scrooge McDuck and swim in their paper and coinage just to know its real and tangible. Would a quarter million be enough to swim in? Could I have a diving board and a deep end? I don’t even know how much is enough.

At the end of the day, we who were born as true human beings have become mere commodities to be herded by the captains of the corporate city states of the global economy. Destined to play our part and say our lines as given in the morning casting call of the CNN newsroom.

Except that one day 2000 years ago the only one among us who was ultimately worthy to be called good, came in a humble setting and said, “I’ll show you how to live, and what it means to love, and bring you back to what you have lost!”

Forgive me doc, for what is a financial comment and also not a financial comment. It just spilled out. As the rot of this whole thing rolls out I am overcome by the sadness of what we have lost of the sense of who we are and how we ought to move thru life.

Thanks to Takachi for his thoughts.

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