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Post Election Panic

The Fed must have panicked today when they saw the election results. They pumped in another $7.5 billion unanswered by any expirations. They probably didn’t need to. Recognizing that fact tomorrow, and facing a ridiculous $23 billion in repo rollovers from the election week jam, they are likely to start pulling in some of that enormous line. That could adversely affect a market that looks like it will blast off early, at least based on the hysteria in the after hours session. Click here to download complete report in pdf format (Professional Edition Subscribers).

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  1. Cap

    Hi. Loved your election rant.

    Just wanted to mention that our democratic elections yesterday may have been due in large part to the work of Seattle grandmother Bev Harris of
    This woman went on national TV, on HBO, and exposed glaring security
    holes in Diebold voting machine systems, big enough to drive
    a Mack truck through– like having executable software code on their vote cards. The vote cards that go in the voting machines are just supposed to hold the votes. They are not supposed to have executable software on them, because having that software means that the software writer can change and manipulate the votes.

    Bev confronted Diebold representatives on TV, and they said they would fix the problem.

    Because Bev Harris exposed this security hole, Diebold HAD
    to fix it, thus making the election unstealable. A company that makes
    ATM’s and other such machinery would go out of business if they refused
    to fix glaring security holes that someone has exposed in their systems.
    Without her and the other good folks who work for her organization, we
    might well have had different election results than what the voters actually voted.

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