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Weekend Notes

I don’t normally make market calls, but I believe the market was set up to tank Friday, based on the liquidity factors I described in that day’s blog. Then, almost on cue, the Fed showed with a very large coupon pass, and the markets stabilized and turned on dime. Just like using a charcoal light to stop a forest fire, and maybe just noise at this point. Looking at COTs, the commercials are very heavy short both notes, and stocks. Something is brewing.



Spotted this vivid example in regards to the players behind US Ponzi units. Recalling my earlier blog on “doing a Kara”, we see a Ponzi financier emerge to loan homebuilder Kara “operating” money as their bankruptcy unfolds. The Risklove involved in this transaction is an odd duck indeed. The following boilerplate description speaks for itself:
Medical Capital Group was started by the former DVI Director of Portfolio Management, Mr. Robert M Bauersmith in 2004 to provide equipment financing and leasing to the outpatient Imaging, Radiation Therapy and Surgery market. Through his many years in the leasing business he developed excellent working relationships with a number of top notch lenders. Today he uses these relationships to bring his clients financing and leasing packages tailored to their specific needs. Whether your needs are ?small ticket? (we can do leases as small as $5K) or a major project or acquisition involving millions, you receive the same personalized, confidential service. Our quotes are all one rental in advance, no smoke and mirrors, no hidden charges or fees.

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