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Time for bank bond write-downs: James Saft | Reuters

It may now be time to cross that red line and force some bank bondholders, even senior bondholders, to take losses. Throughout the now five-year-old global financial crisis, writing down bank debt when banks are insolvent is a step that policy-makers have been almost universally unwilling to take. Fearing a rolling line of bank failures…

Deconstructing The “Massive Beat” in Employment Data- Corrected

Editor’s Note: The earlier version of this article included unadjusted numbers derived from a spreadsheet error. The error resulted in the not seasonally adjusted month to month employment declines being understated. The data has been corrected. The analysis and conclusions are unaffected. Thanks to rdkyote for bringing this to my attention! The headlines are blaring…

Bonds vs Stocks

Back in 2007 I was writing that during the Kondratieff Spring, Summer and Autumn Treasury bonds and stocks are trading generally in the same direction, with bonds leading. During the Winter they are trading in opposite direction.

At this chart the black line is 10 year bond price and red line is S&P. You can observe […]