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2010 Predictions: Run on the Banks

The World is partying like it is 2007 all over again. The reasons are two: the crazy money printed by Helicopter Ben and the moral hazard produced by the universal bailout of everything, everywhere. I still see the traces of sanity in the US consumer…

2010 Predictions: Oil

The spectacular rebound in oil prices in 2009 could be attributed to two major factors: fears of currency debasement that lead to excess hoarding and speculation; and discipline of well-oiled Opec members to cut production. You already know from many p…

Ben and China – the deal is done?

There are two stories that I’ve posted in my feed (the link at the navigation bar) – one is that China just made a bold statement about Ben printing money and another that monetary aggregates just turned into freefall mode (i.e. we are witnessing the start of the classic deflationary spiral).

What to make of that? […]