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Liquidity Noose Tightens On The Bond Market- Here’s Why Stocks Are Next

Treasury auction demand has risen along with supply recently but bond prices keep falling and yields keep rising. Why? Because buyers must liquidate bonds in the secondary market to raise the cash to buy new issues. That’s just one sign of the tightening liquidity noose that is strangling the markets. There are more. Here’s what they are, and why you…

Stocks at a Crossroads

The market is again at a crossroads. A strong start to this week could trigger buy signals on the 10-12 month cycle. But bears could stay in control if certain things happen. This report covers the triggers for both scenarios.

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Laboring Unnecessarily Over Housing Imbalances

There are three major housing related data series published each and every month. The first is on construction of new units, the intersection of real estate and the macro economy compiled by the Census Bureau. The second is the number of newly built single-family homes that have been sold, relating obviously to the level of…

Here’s When to Expect A 27% Crash – Or Worse

The Fed’s tightening is hitting the markets. It has sent bond prices plunging and yields soaring. And it has stopped the bull market in stocks in its tracks.  Is it also beginning to show up in banking indicators? Well, maybe not yet, but that’s no reason to be complacent. Bankers and borrowers are often the last to get the news and feel the pinch.

First, let’s consider just how dangerous the current situation is. We know in retrospect, and some of us were well aware at the time, that there was a raging credit bubble in the 2004-07 period. If that was a bubble, what’s today? I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s a chart of total bank loans through early May.

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