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In Topic: Book Report: "The Long Walk" by Slavomir Rawicz...

23 August 2011 - 06:58 PM

I read this book a few years ago on the recommendation of my brother-in-law. I suspect the early parts of the book are fairly accurate (interrogation, stovepiping, the pants too large etc.) but as it goes along it becomes less & less believable. I never could figure out the motive of the gulag warden's wife for helping him unless there is some jungle boogie going on that is not written into the story. The yeti stuff is where he lost me. If you look the author up you will see he was indeed gulaged but there is no record of him ending up in India. It is definitely a can't put it down read. I concur with you about the Lone Survivor book to a degree.

In Topic: I going long at the open

09 August 2011 - 07:30 PM

It was an excellent idea. Make money?

All it did for me was staunch the bleeding from silver which I hold & don't trade. My trading account is too small so my trades are small. Seeing gold run like this with silver held back is unexpected. I bought a new security today in hopes that this will not continue, AGQ.

In Topic: I sold everything....went to 100% cash...

05 August 2011 - 09:30 PM

I'm not waiting for a lofty entry point.

I'm just waiting for a bear market rally to peak, whenever that happens.

It could start from S&P 1100.

Or S&P 1000 if we crash on Monday.

I'm pretty patient.

I probably won't buy anything for several weeks.

I hit GDXJ today, the metals stocks were oversold, got a good fill @ 32.18 I think.

In Topic: Minor medical experience...

30 July 2011 - 05:16 PM

North Carolina is pretty inexpensive for Med School.

It's the sleep deprivation that would kill me.

Perhaps too old to complete the training. That is why I ended up FP.

It may interest the board to learn that I am going reverse-carpet bagger & returning to Manitoba to practice as early as next year. The licensing will take most of the rest of this year. My mother's health is not the best & so it is time to return, especially since the economics make more sense now. Ideally I'll spend winters here in the Southern Plains & do locums so we can spend time with my wife's folks. It has been a great time here in the US, a great country with so much promise. It is disheartening to see what has happened here since 911, something has let go here which I cannot put my finger on. I am a US citizen since 2000 but in my heart I will always be Canadian & I just loved the Olympics hockey finals, sorry about that. Anyway, a man of the world I continue to aspire to. All the best.

In Topic: Minor medical experience...

30 July 2011 - 12:44 PM

Put simply, I picked the wrong career track and I will pay for it for the rest of my life.

That is interesting. I have often thought about how my life would be different had I pursued software or finance, remembering I went into college in 1987. Unlike Yogi's ER friend, my math skills have always been strong. I could have been somebody.

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