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I Wish I were An Oscar Meyer Weiner

  Posted by Ags Nightmare, 06 June 2011 · 2,303 views

Screw it if you think this has nothing to do with the stock market. This crotch rocket was one of the guys I used to think was one of the good guys but his wanker like the guy’s from Louisiana got in the way of being politically correct. Seriously. You can not make this sheet up. A guy named Weiner exposed his crotch to some 21 year old yet his wife weeps crocodile tears? The dude’s Johnson was tweeted or face crooked to some horny babe. Wait a minute. Let me pause for a moment. How bizarre can this one be when a guy named Weiner exposes his weener to chicks on face crook and tweeter. Sure, tell me another story how this has impacted society in a positive manner as this guy was one of our most intellectually sound members of Clowngress? This is the best of the best swinging Richard in front of some young girls face while debating the mating habits of Llamas with rethuglians in the House of Ill Repute. Let’s face it, our country is addicted to porn including the suits in Clowngress. What was that other guys name, David Vitter who dressed up like [...]


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