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Testing Major Support, What To Expect Next

The market continues to test support. A close below 1345 would break several major support levels and trend channels. Some traders may be benchmarking the March low of 1340. If this test holds, the trading range would remain intact. This suggests what is likely to happen next if it does hold, and if it doesn’t.

Professional Edition Schedule Note

The good news is that I am almost caught up from Friday and Saturday’s server meltdown and the Professional Edition posting schedule should return to semi-normal tomorrow. The market update for today will be posted around 8:30 AM NY time and then should return to the usual evening posting schedule.

Down Phase May Not Do Much Damage

Critical support levels held on Monday. Time counts on the cycles suggest that the period of greatest vulnerability will last until next Monday. If the market doesn’t break major support at 1345-50 by then, then the trading range will be intact and set up for another rally. Conversely…