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Federal Tax Receipts Continue Apace But Day of Reckoning Approaches on Debt

Growth in withholding tax collections continued to rebound in the second week of October.  The nominal annual growth rate rose to 5.6%. The steady strong growth of tax receipts is enabling the politicians to delay dealing with the debt ceiling, but the day of reckoning is coming. This report shows the data and reports what it…

Withholding Tax Collections Weaken, Setting Up Possible Double Barreled Crisis

Growth in withholding tax collections continued to recede in in the second week of September as the government facts another crisis over the debt ceiling. This report looks at the implications for the markets. You can now subscribe to the Federal Revenues Report on a standalone monthly or weekly basis.

Federal Withholding Tax Collections Are Plunging

Withholding tax collections have weakened in July, breaking down from the narrow range of 5-6% annual nominal growth they had been in throughout the second quarter. The nominal growth rate declined to +2.4% this week, which is near or below zero growth in real terms, depending on what you believe the inflation rate to be.…