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Withholding Tax Chart Belies Fed Fears, and Sends A Clear Warning To Bulls

Federal withholding tax collections went through the roof and excise taxes had solid gains in February. Here’s what this means for the economic data ahead, for the markets, and for your portfolio strategy. Click here to download the report (Subscribers Only) Not a subscriber yet? Get this report right now and read Lee Adler’s Liquidity…

January Tax Collections Make You Wonder Why Fed Panicked – Correction

CORRECTION: This morning I noticed an error in my reporting of the Federal Excise Tax collections in January. The error was borderline material relative to excise taxes. The annual growth rate was positive, and at the same rate as in December, but not at the rate I originally reported. The original chart as posted was correct.…

December Tax Collections Reveal Wall Street’s False Economic Narrative

The media had been excusing the stock market decline, and explaining the bond market rally in December by saying that investors were worried about slowing economic growth. Federal tax collection data for December shows that that is a false narrative. The data and charts show why this false narrative is dangerous to your financial health.

Here’s Why Mixed Current Federal Tax Data Has Clear Message- Watch Out!

The stabilization of withholding taxes, along with rising excise taxes suggest that top line economic data will continue to show increases. Here’s how we know, and what that means for your portfolio. Here is today’s updated list including new buys, sells, short sales, cover shorts, and updated stops, as well as performance metrics for this…