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Crosscurrents in Liquidity Pressures and Treasury Supply Don’t Support Rally Continuation

The stock market rallied like a madman at the end of the week and bonds were also in rally mode for most of the week. The question is where the liquidity will come from to sustain a double barreled rally. Negative interest rates are not a genie in a bottle.

CORRECTED – Treasury Supply To Be Lighter But Buyers Back Away

While Treasury supply will be lighter in the first quarter, signs of weakening demand from banks and foreign central banks could spell trouble for both stocks and bonds. Note: If you have previously opened this report, the original may be stored in your browser cache. Be sure to refresh the page or clear your cache…

Setup For A Hangover- Treasuries and/or Stocks

The Treasury settles $36 billion in new note supply on Monday, wrapping up 2 days where it settled a total of $100 billion in net new paper. That was the climax to a month where it raised and settled $310 billion in new supply. And yet, the markets did not crack. So what should we…

Updated – All That Cash – Gone With The November Wind

The problem we have been anticipating is here. The debt ceiling deal is done and the Treasury is clawing back the $140 billion it had poured into dealer and investor accounts since mid September. That cash reversed the normal October supply/demand balance. It drove the stock market rally. Now the Treasury needs to get that…

The Most Important News Today – Treasury announces 69-Day Bill- The Clawback Begins

This is even more important than the FOMC announcement. Now that the debt limit deal is all but signed, sealed, and delivered, the Treasury will begin to claw back some of the $140 billion in cash it paid to dealers and other investors who held expiring 4 week bills, and maturing 2 year notes that were not rolled over since September 15,