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US Bank Loans and Deposits Keep Growing as European Banking System Goes Haywire

US bank deposits and loans continue to grow rapidly. The same cannot be said for Europe, where we now have the monthly banking system data for December (Fed reports US data weekly). As you know if you are even minimally familiar with the headlines on Germany’s giant douchebank Deutsche Bank, negative interest rates joined at the hip with QE in Europe have been a disaster. They have promoted loan shrinkage and deposit growth, exactly the opposite of what was intended.

Collapsing Federal Revenues Through February 4 Show US In Deepening Recession

The annual rate of change in withholding taxes has grown increasingly negative in inflation adjusted terms for more than a month. Following on the heels of a weak December, it is a clear sign that the US has entered recession. Other data confirms. As reported here previously, withholding tax collections accurately foreshadowed a negative surprise…

Crosscurrents in Liquidity Pressures and Treasury Supply Don’t Support Rally Continuation

The stock market rallied like a madman at the end of the week and bonds were also in rally mode for most of the week. The question is where the liquidity will come from to sustain a double barreled rally. Negative interest rates are not a genie in a bottle.

Foreign Central Banks Have Left The Building, Leaving Primary Dealers To Blow Up The System Again

The stock market rallied late last week, using up a big portion of the $83 billion that the Fed and Treasury pumped into dealer and investor accounts in recent weeks. Foreign central banks have been dumping their holdings. US commercial banks and Primary Dealers have provided most of the buying. Not only will they and…