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Macro Liquidity Still Rising But So Is Market Friction

The stock and bond rallies went flat in August and bonds sold off in September as heavy Treasury supply and foreign sovereign liquidation of Treasury holdings created friction in the markets. Liquidity growth has been slowing, and while overall liquidity is still rising, the market response to rising liquidity has been diminishing as friction builds.

Employers Are Always Last to Get the News

Both excise tax and corporate income taxes have been declining persistently for more than a year. The fact that withheld taxes are one of the few categories increasing reminds us of my old adage, “Employers are always the last to get the news.” Historically, time and again employers have continued hiring for months after both…

US Economy Falling Short of Official Forecasts Pressures Markets

The TBAC is a committee of Primary Dealers tasked by the Fed to provide it with a quarterly forecast of how much Treasury debt will be needed to cover the deficit for the current and next quarters. It has persistently overestimated the strength of the US economy and government tax collections this year. Treasury supply…

Mario Borat Draghi’s “Great Success”- The European Banking System

The horror show of European banking system data just keeps getting worse. With Deutsche Bank now constantly in the headlines, it has the look and feel of impending doom, maybe worse than 2008-09. The biggest difference between then and now is that back then the financial markets had already plunged and central banks had yet…

Disaster In The European Banking System Exposed

Banks Fleeing Banks in Europe - Click to enlarge

ECB data on bank deposits for the Eurozone shows total bank deposits down sharply in July, breaking the uptrend in force since the low in 2014. That’s shocking considering that the ECB just boosted its money printing QE programs. Deposits should be rising steadily in concert with the amount of QE, not falling. But cash extinguishment and capital flight are increasing faster than the ECB can print.

Portents of a Big Problem In Worldwide Market Liquidity

The stock and bond rallies went flat in August as heavy Treasury supply created friction for increasing liquidity. There was also evidence that liquidity growth in Europe has stalled. In spite of massive ECB money printing, European bank deposits fell in July. That indicates not just capital flight, but cash extinguishment via loan repayments and…

Fed and Banking System Indicators Suggest Nothing Changed, But Europe Sucked

This post was miscategorized when first published on September 6. I am currently working on the update for September, which will be posted this weekend. There’s no imminent change in the air according to Fed and US banking system indicators, but deposits in Europe fell as the US sucks up capital and cash from the…