Money and The Fed

Reports on the Fed and Treasury, primary dealers, foreign central banks, money market and mutual fund flows, and other factors that affect market liquidity

Sell When In May?

In this special Treasury update video report I look at when it may be time to sell in May and when not.  Subscribers may click here to watch this video. This is a very large file. This page asks for your login. Due to my mother’s hospitalization, the schedule will remain irregular this week. I will post schedule…

The Fed’s Deadly Error: Penalties For Labor And Thrift; Windfalls For Speculation In Land And Financial Assets

Composite Liquidity Indicator - Click to enlarge

There’s no law that says the stock market can’t have a major correction when central banks are pumping money into the system via the Primary Dealers. But in the 12 years since the Fed began publishing detailed data on its operations, and since I began observing those operations closely, the correlations between central bank liquidity…