Money and The Fed

Reports on the Fed and Treasury, primary dealers, foreign central banks, money market and mutual fund flows, and other factors that affect market liquidity

Fed Stays On Course, But Watch Out for the PBoC

With QE virtually ended by year end and a low level of MBS purchases going forward, especially if bond yields increase, the markets will be getting insignificant assistance from the Fed. However, that will not be the case with the world’s other major central banks all of whom pump funds into the same worldwide liquidity…

A Question of Timing

The US Government will need to borrow more money. What else is new. But right now it’s a question of whether it will need it this month or next. That’s important because it will affect the performance of the markets.

How The Spaghetti Moves

There’s not much new on the liquidity front this week. The big issue is whether the Treasury will or will not issue CMBs. It will make a huge difference in market performance at mid month. The end of the month looks like it could be trouble either way.