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Here’s Why Janet Yellen Is a Revolutionary Hero

Financial media pundits have been breathlessly speculating lately about who the next Fed Chair will be. Will it be Yellen again? Will it be Cohn? Will it be Warsh? Or will it be somebody else?

I have a pretty good idea, and if I were handicapping this race, I’d give Warsh 3-2 odds.

But among the names that have been floated to replace Yellen, there have been no radicals except Yellen herself. The rest of the horses in the race are all members of the Washington-Wall Street-axis-establishment echo chamber.

If there’s a radical in the crowd, it’s Madame Chair herself. Yellen, who is the shortest Fed Chair in history, even shorter than Bernanke, is growing in stature in my eyes.

Here’s why Yellen is a hero – and why her legacy will remain even if Trump says, “You’re fired!” on his current “reality” show production.   

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