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Global bank returns likely to stay low into 2017: McKinsey

Global bank returns likely to stay low into 2017: McKinsey

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The biggest global banks will have to take steps in the coming years, including cutting compensation and shedding services, to generate adequate returns for their shareholders, consulting firm McKinsey & Co. said on Wednesday.
Even as the global economy grows, new banking regulations will cut into profits so much that banks will earn returns on equity between 6 and 9 percent by 2017, according to McKinsey’s forecasts in a report on the banking industry.
Return on equity – a key metric for how effectively banks are wringing profit from shareholder money- was at least in the mid-teens for many banks before the 2008 financial crisis.
“The impact of regulation will be a continued headwind,” Kevin Buehler, a director at McKinsey and one of the authors of the report, told Reuters.
The firm noted that the Volcker Rule, which limits banks from betting with their own capital, and Basel III capital rules will likely be among the biggest drags on profitability.
New banking rules are designed to prevent the next financial crisis. Banks’ poor lending practices, bond underwriting, and risk management last decade contributed to the near collapse of the global financial system and a protracted global recession.
But new rules will also cut into profitability, and with low returns, the top 13 banks must take measures like eliminating unprofitable products and cutting employee compensation, McKinsey said.–sector.html

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