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GDP Is Bogus: Here’s Why

Here’s a chart of our fabulous always-higher GDP, adjusted for another bogus metric, official inflation.The theme this week is The Rot Within.The rot eating away at our society and economy is typically papered over with bogus statistics that “prove” ev…

You’re Paying for This “Fake Funds” Welfare Program Right Now…

On Monday, I promised I’d tell you a little bit more about the Fed Funds rate. Well, the more I started writing about it, the angrier I got.

The Fed’s policy of raising interest rates is a sham. We may as well call the Fed Funds rate the Fake Funds rate. The policy is the opposite of monetary tightening, and actually is an easing. And the Fed Funds rate and all other published interest rates are based on a sham…costing you money every year if you are a US taxpayer.

Here’s how the scam works, and what you should do about it.

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Daily Trades October 18, 2017

Daily trades list update for October 18, 2017. New buys, sells, short sales, cover shorts, and updated stops. Market Update Pro subscribers click here to download the report. Not yet a subscriber? Try the Market Update Pro including Daily Trades risk free for 90 days. If, within that time, you don’t find the information useful, I…