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Track The Fed Yourself…Right Here

So you think you want to be a liquidity analyst? Here’s a list of links to get you started.

H 41 – Weekly Fed Balance Sheet By tracking this over time you can see the growth or shrinkage of the Fed balance sheet. This is virtually in real time, published 1 day after the close of the weekly statement period.

H8 Weekly US Commercial Banking System Balance Sheet There’s a wealth of data here on the condition of a slew of banking system indicators. It’s published 9 days after the close of the weekly statement period, so it’s timely. Again, by tracking over time, you can see the liquidity flows.

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Chart of the Week: Pure Risk

Well before Jerome Powell changed his dots a little, or the ECB chickened out, the Reserve Bank of India had already acted. For the first time since January 2014, on June 6 the RBI raised its benchmark repo rate. Rather than reverse the rupee’s slide it appears to have renewed it. The euro may have routed…

Dovish = Uncertain, Therefore Dollar

Back a few months ago when Europe was booming, or at least everyone was sure that this one particular economy was, market futures prices indicated an expectation for the first European rate hike to take place by Q2 2019. That was consistent with the US Federal Reserve’s experience as well as how the mainstream narrative…

A Lot Underneath Retail Sales

The retail sales report for the month of May 2018 was generally positive on the headline, which is to say it was one of the better months of recent years. Total sales growth was 6.35% year-over-year (unadjusted). A big part of it was due to an 18% year-over-year gain in retail sales at gasoline stations….