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Something Different About This One

In Japan, they call it “powerful monetary easing.” In practice, it is anything but. QQE with all its added letters is so authoritative that it is knocked sideways by the smallest of economic and financial breezes. If it truly worked the way it was supposed to, the Bank of Japan or any central bank would […]

US Treasury Term Premia Lowest Since 2016

Hold on. The Fed minutes are coming! The Federal Reserve’s increasingly clear message that it’s standing pat on rates for now and may also adjust balance-sheet normalization plans has driven the 10-year Treasury term premium even more negative. The measure — a gauge of the extra compensation investors demand to own the maturity compared to rolling over a shorter-dated … Continue reading US Treasury Term Premia Lowest Since 2016 (Hold On, The Fed Minutes Are Coming!)

The Lost War

At the time of this writing US markets are up 9 weeks in a row following the December lows making for risk free markets since Jay Powell famously caved on January 4th […]

Here’s How The Rally is Sowing the Seeds of Its Own End

Back on January 22, I pointed out that there was no chart resistance between 2700 and 2800 on the S&P 500. I felt that if the market cleared 2700 it would race to 2800 in the blink of an eye.

We’re almost there.

It has been an amazing rally. The market turned on a dime and has never looked back. To say that it was an unusual bottom is an understatement. But that’s history and this isn’t about post mortems, it’s about figuring out where the market is headed from here.

For now, it still looks higher. Here’s what you should look for.

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Buffalo Billion: Another Failure of the Green Energy Fantasy

New York state attempted a green jobs “miracle” in upstate Buffalo. And like most government guaranteed/subsidized projects, it was an epic failure. Amazon’s pullout Thursday wasn’t even the worst economic development news for Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week: Just two days earlier, his economic development czar basically admitted that the gov’s signature Buffalo Billion is … Continue reading Buffalo Billion: Another Failure of the Green Energy Fantasy (Remember Solyndra And Greentech? Rent-seeking?)