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The CCCP (Corrupt, Complicit, Corporate Presstitutes) – Russ Winter

Even the most efficient propaganda system is unable to maintain the proper attitudes among the population for long. Fundamental social and economic problems cannot be swept under the rug for ever.” -Noam Chomsky Going back to 2006, I’ve used the term government Ministry of Truth (MoT) to describe the sistema of propaganda in [...]

Precious Metals Stocks: The Most Undervalued Asset Class – Russ Winter

An inordinate number of articles that are lacking in perspective have been circulating of late about the failure of mining stocks as a precious metals investment vehicle.  On Wednesday came yet another example with Paul Price’s article, “Gold Mining Shares: Less Than Glittering.” Price makes a skewed argument about the poor performance of gold [...]

And The Band Played On – Russ Winter

The investment community has partaken in a particularly strong Kool-Aid of pro-U.S. Dollar and deflation bets. In fact, they have gone all in on the conventional wisdom du jour theme and have capitulated on commodities. I have gone into the precious metals aspect ad nauseum, but the story is widespread and extreme in other commodities [...]

eCONomists and Policy Rainmakers Badly Miss On Japanese Performance – Russ Winter

Only in the “new normal” would eCONomists, and policy rainmakers not see this one coming.  Japan’s trade deficit widened sharply in April, as export growth was tepid while imports surged, according to Finance Ministry data released Wednesday. The trade gap grew to 880 billion yen ($8.6 billion),  as exports rose just 3.8% from a year [...]

Carpathian Gold Goes Into Production — With A Monster Extra Deposit To Boot! – Russ Winter

Canadian mining company Carpathian Gold is building a mine called RDM within one of the historic mining districts of Minas Gerais, which is one of the older, more prosperous and more advanced industrialized states of Brazil. I traveled to Minas Gerais (MG) in 2007 and visited Oro Preto, another old mining district built in the 16th century, and was [...]

Orders For Gold Go Unfilled In Asia – Russ Winter

*** Free Article *** Considering the rush of gold orders in mid to late April, it is understandable that there would be some temporary delays in delivery. However, we’re now into mid May and sources indicate those same orders are still unfulfilled. So it begs the question: Where’s the gold? The Shanghai Gold Exchange has [...]

More Clues About What Happened in the April Gold Swoon – Russ Winter

This month’s Bank Participation Report (BPR) in gold was highly revealing.  It gives considerable clues about what happened during the big POG swoon, and what the players did.  In a nutshell the bullion banks squared their positions and left the hedge funds holding the bag.  And the specs cannot supply real gold. The [...]