Sven Henrich

The Wedge

We don’t need no intervention We don’t need no market control No dark sarcasm in the trading room Hey, central bankers, leave them markets alone All in all it’s just another wedge […]

Decision Time

The first quarter of 2019 was a smash hit for bulls. Capitulating central banks, record buybacks flushing the system with artificial liquidity, constant jawboning by dovish central bankers and permanent promises of […]

Two Faced

My take here: The budget is blowing up in their face and they know it. The tax cuts did not pay for themselves and deficits are ballooning, federal spending is the highest […]


We’re back in the phase of markets where bears look like idiots and bulls look like geniuses. In 2018, following the US tax cuts, a growing economy and expanding earnings had bears […]