Jesse Felder

Be Adaptive, Says Jesse Felder

“One of the things I most want to emphasize is how essential it is that one’s investment approach be intuitive and adaptive rather than be fixed and mechanistic.” -Howard Marks One huge trend I’ve noticed in financial social media lately is the use of statistics and market history to project future price movements. This is […]

Obscene Risk Hidden In Plain Sight

Recently there have been numerous major economic agencies warning of the growing and severe risks in the debt markets. Investors have shrugged them off as they seem to think that their bond fund is immune as are equities. They’re not. The Geneva Report, released last month, revealed that there has been no progress made in reducing debt […]

Scott Felder Says The Trend Is Now Your Frenemy

I titled my latest weekly newsletter (subscribe here for free), “The Trend Is Still Your Friend But Beware The Fat Tail.” After today’s action, however, you could make the case that the trend might be more of a frenemy at this point. Stocks sold off across the board and all of the major indexes have […]

Desperately Seeking A Margin Of Safety

Back in 2000, I had one of my best years as an investor. You may remember that year marked the peak of the greatest stock market bubble in history. Anyhow, while everyone and their mom was buying internet stocks I was loading up on the exact opposite. One of the unique things about that time […]

On The “Sioux And The Buffalo”

My recent piece, “The New Wolves Of Wall Street,” struck a nerve. I think it taps into both advisers’ insecurities and investors’ worries about not getting what they pay for. Good. That’s what I was going for. Before I follow up on that piece, though, let me make a couple of things clear. First, there […]

The New Wolves Of Wall Street

Wall Street is in the midst of some pretty massive change right now. And I’m talking about Wall Street as it relates to Main Street. I’m talking about how individual investors are being courted (hunted) and cared for (killed) by the new wolves of Wall Street. Brokers have now become an endangered species as the […]