Anthony B Sanders

Household Spending Growth Expectations Continue To Decline (25th Percentile Growth Goes Negative!)

According to the New York Fed’s Survey of Households, it was revealed that household spending growth expectations took a big nosedive as of April 30, 2017. But before you start saying “Trump’s fault,” bear in mind that the expectation of household spending growth has been slowing since December 2014 (see orange line).  The decline merely accelerated […]

Simply Unafforable? Canada’s Troubled Mortgage Lender Home Capital Sees Deposit Run As Crisis Deepens

  While the US is experiencing a fiasco with healthcare insurers pulling out of states leaving some states with only 1 or zero insurers (and healthcare premiums skyrocketing in many states), there is a fiasco north of the border as well  with Alt-A mortgage lender Home Capital. Home Capital is seeking ADDITIONAL emergency funding as […]