Lee Adler

I’ve been publishing The Wall Street Examiner and its predecessor since October 2000. I also provide analysis and charts for David Stockman's Contra Corner which I developed for Mr. Stockman. I’ve had a wide variety of finance related jobs in the past 44 years, including a stint on Wall Street in both analytical and sales capacities. Prior to starting the Wall Street Examiner I worked as a commercial real estate appraiser in Florida for 15 years. I also worked in the residential mortgage and real estate businesses in parts of the 1970s and 80s. I have been charting stocks and markets and doing analytical work since I was a teenager. My perspective is not of the Ivory Tower. It is from having my boots on the ground and in the trenches of the industries that I analyze and write about today.

WSE Pro Precious Metals Update 11/24/06

Today’s gold stock screens and data, along with cycle conditions and projections for gold and HUI index, and Chart of the Day picks for swing trades. Indispensable daily information for gold and precious metals stocks traders. Click here to download complete report in pdf format (Professional Edition Subscribers). Try the Professional Edition risk free for…

When Is A Conundrum Not A Conundrum

Excellent question from a subscriber: I just finished reading your long term outlook on stocks and it appears very bullish. How does that gel with what you said previously that a collapsing housing market will likely suck liquidity out of the stock market and end its bull run. Seems to be a contradiction here.

Kooky Coincidence

by Lee Wheeler-
Here’s a kooky potential coincidence.
Some folks on the Capitalstool.com message boards have mentioned the PEI Business Cycle chart. That’s the pi-based 8.6 year global business cycle mumbo-jumbo developed by Martin Armstrong back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. There is some explanation on the web as to how Armstrong came up with […]

A Vivid Imagination?

It does not take a vivid imagination, to conclude that Pig Men are in a race to the finish line to cram as much Ponzi debt into the system as is possible, before the inevitable blow up. And what “is possible” is beyond what the likes of me would have ever foreseen, even with my […]

Bernanke’s Holiday Put Gives Market Boost -WSE Pro

Happy Thanksgiving! The Fed insured a happy holiday on Wednesday, and the market responded by reversing an early selloff on the Con Con number. That left the averages with minor gains, indicator structures in similar positions where they have been throughout the latter stages of this uptrend, and centered moving average projections again edging slightly…

Spoozer Worse For Wear

by Lee Wheeler
The Spoozer definitely looks worse for wear in here.
Back in late Oct, it ran to the top of the trend channel at 1389, a channel that contained it for over five months from Dec05-May06. Now it has moved slightly above the channel. The only time it did that prior was after the early […]

Anticipation – WSE Pro

The market stalled exactly on the centerline of the 4 month trend projection at the convergence of support and resistance. A big decision lies ahead in the next couple of days. Here are the keys to that decision. Click here to download complete report in pdf format (Professional Edition Subscribers). Try the Professional Edition risk…