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Dan Kervick Interviews Bill Black and Marshall Auerback on The Attitude

By Dan Kervick

I had the pleasure of sitting in today for Arnie Arnesen as a guest host for The Attitude on WNHN 94.7 FM in Concord, New Hampshire.   Arnie’s mother passed away over the weekend, and she has taken a one-week personal hiatus.

In the first half of the show I talked with Diana Lacey, President of the New Hampshire State Employees Association and SEIU Local 1984.   Diana addressed the impact of the ongoing sequester on government employment and the provision of government services, and we also chatted about the general importance of the government’s role in the economy.   I then talked with Linda Hutton and Bill Weidacher about the state of the housing market in New Hampshire and the country.

In the second half of the show I talked with fellow NEP bloggers Bill Black and Marshall Auerback.  First up was Bill, who discussed the general economic situation in Europe and the constraints placed on the recovery strategies of individual Eurozone countries due to the lack of sovereign national currencies.  Then Marshall and I spoke about the situation in Cyprus and its ramifications for Europe going forward.

A big thanks to Diana, Linda, Bill W., Bill B. and Marshall for appearing!   You can listen to the podcast of the show at these links:

The Attitude – Hour One

The Attitude – Hour Two


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