Petraeus All In – The Movie

Obviously Angelina Jolie will play Broadwell in the movie. For Petraeus I’m thinking Liam Neeson. The attraction, the affair, the coverup, the downfall–when did the President know? Coming soon to a theater near you.

Lee Adler

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  1. halfkidding
    November 10, 2012 at 6:17 am

    I was convinced he would be the 2016 GOP nominee. He still might be. All he has to do is want it and I think he does. This is hardly any impediment at all. Nobody really cares, least of all the family values crowd. The first order of business was how to find a way out of his position.

    My first conspiratorial idea was that this was a quick and easy way out. No just quitting to become a politician and no scandals. Even though Bengazzi was a scandal. Even me a nobody knew Libya has a lot of radical jihadists but the CIA and State seemed to ignore that. The initial story that it was to protest the silly movie was actually the story the CIA gave the White House. Stupid.

    Anyway what I’ve always said about Patreaus is that a good portion of America longs for its Caesar.

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