Greg Smith Is My Hero, Bloomberg, Not So Much

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There’s a reason Matt Taibbi tagged Goldman with the moniker “Vampire Squid” and it stuck.

3 cheers for Greg Smith. In going public about his now former employer Goldman Sach’s unethical and disgusting behavior his was an act of immense personal courage with no upside for him career wise or otherwise in this world that honors thieves and demeans integrity, and whistleblowers in particular.

As one who raged against the corrupt practices of the financial industry from within for many years, and from outside for the past dozen years, I have only the greatest admiration for Mr. Smith, and for what it took for him to go public with his complaint. It has won him no friends, and it won’t. Rather than honoring him for his courage and integrity, the media coverage already veers toward treating him as a “snitch.” That word is a pejorative for a true hero who speaks out with the truth about immoral, unethical, and even criminal behavior, even though such speaking out is either unpopular or downright dangerous.

The Bloomberg editorial criticizing Mr. Smith plumbs new journalistic lows. But I’m not surprised. Bloomberg is full of scum and whores just like Goldman Sachs. It is another parasitic vampire whore organization that feeds off Wall Street. It’s not a surprise that criticizing heroism comes naturally to them. That’s just my opinion of course. At least it’s an honest one. I find their brand of financial “journalism” shocking in its cynicism and dishonesty, as I have often covered in my posts.

Until there is a public wave of revulsion and remorse for condoning corruption, cheating, and theft at every level and until we have a government and a President willing to do the right thing and prosecute fraud rather than turn a blind eye, and wink and nod with the other one, nothing will change. The criminality and theft will go on and on, rotting our economy and our society at its core.

We, the American people must hold ourselves to account in this evil mess. The root of the problem is our willingness to tolerate immoral and unethical behavior as if it were normal and ok. Until that culture begins to change, we will only sink further and further into the mire.

Lee Adler
The Wall Street Examiner

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