If the Blue Ball falls before April X… Move to Australia?


If I had tons of cash I think I’d have to head for Australia? It’s far from Fuk u shima. The fish will be clean for a long time there. Can’t say the same about here in Hawaii….. 7 million times normal radiation levels in the ocean off the nuke plant today, which will spread in the currents forever. Australia is far from the Plutonium thats on its way to a fish near you.

That’s where I’m going if the Blue Ball falls in the next 2 weeks.

Then, I have to figure out how to turn a 1 year Tourist Visa into a 4 Year Business Visa and then into an Australian Citizen???

But, they have friggin deadly snakes and crocks and spiders and huge great whites.

Fuk it, think I’ll stick with the radiation.

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